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Tech MemoSubjectStatusIssue DateExpire Date
24-02-ENV-01 Tree Clearing Timing Requirement Active 2/21/2024 12/31/2028
24-01-C-01 Commissioner's Equipment Rental Schedule Active 1/29/2024 12/31/2025
23-03-TS-02 Interchange Ramp Terminal Configuration Active 12/20/2023 12/31/2029
23-02-TS-01 Dissolution of Supplemental Specifications to the MnDOT Standard Specifications for Construction, 2020 Edition Active 7/07/2023 7/19/2026
22-09-TS-03 E-ZPass Lanes Design and Implementation Guidelines Active 12/20/2022 12/31/2026
22-08-T-02 Minnesota Work Zone Safety and Mobility Requirements Active 12/13/2022 11/08/2027
22-04-B-02 Use of Plastic Pipe for Storm Sewer and Culverts on Trunk Highways Active 5/06/2022 4/18/2027
22-03-B-01 Bridge Preservation and Improvement Guidelines Active 4/07/2022 6/30/2026
22-01-T-01 MnDOT Provisions for Pavement Marking Operations Active 1/20/2022 1/05/2027
21-06-TS-05 Restricted Crossing U-Turn (RCUT) Design and Implementation Guidance Active 1/04/2022 11/15/2026
21-05-TS-04 Under-Bridge Typical Section Active 12/07/2021 11/01/2026
21-04-B-01 Storm Drain Design Frequency and Catch Basin Spacing Active 10/19/2021 10/11/2026
21-02-TS-02 MnDOT Standard Specifications for Construction Active 7/26/2021 7/19/2026
20-09-B-03 Use of Atlas 14 Volume 8 Precipitation Frequency Estimates Active 12/16/2020 11/23/2025
20-05-B-01 Reinforced Concrete Pipe Load Tables Active 3/16/2020 2/25/2025
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